116 Awesome Youtube Tag Questions

YouTube Tag Questions are a fun and cool way to interact with your subscribers.

These tag questions will allow your friends or viewers on YouTube to get to know you better by asking interesting questions about your experiences and preferences!

Enjoy answering these bunch of lovely tag questions ranging from deep questions and random questions to funny questions and even more personal questions.

Table of Contents

Random YouTube Questions Tag

Random YouTube Tag Questions can help your subscribers know basic stuff about you. Here are some random questions to answer about yourself:

  1. Are you hot?
  2. Are you rich?
  3. Are you in love?
  4. Do you like coffee?
  5. Your dream vacation?
  6. Who do you truly love?
  7. Last movie you watched?
  8. What sport do you play?
  9. What are you eating now?
  10. How is your best friend?
  11. What novels do you read?
  12. What is your favorite pet?
  13. Where is your best friend?
  14. What TV shows do you like?
  15. What are you watching now?
  16. What do you put on to bed?
  17. What’s the name of your pet?
  18. What is the size of your bed?
  19. What are you listening to now?
  20. What is your favorite subject?
  21. Worst injury you have ever had?
  22. What were you doing 3 hours ago?
  23. Are you wearing pants right now?
  24. What are your plans for tonight?
  25. When do you usually go to sleep?
  26. When did you last go on vacation?
  27. When did you last go for shopping?
  28. Have you watched any movies this week?
  29. Do you miss anyone or anything right now?
  30. Who was the last person you chat with on Facebook?

Sounds easy!

Funny YouTube Questions Tag

If you want to make your subscribers happy and keep them on your video, you must answer some funny YouTube tag questions. Here are examples of funny YouTube tag questions you can answer:

  1. Wet your bed?
  2. Beer or wine?
  3. Are you drunk?
  4. Feeling sleepy?
  5. Are you a flirt?
  6. Talk to animals?
  7. Are you hungry 24/7?
  8. Do you cry in public?
  9. Are you always happy?
  10. Do you have a stalker?
  11. Can you fart in public?
  12. Ever peed in the woods?
  13. Are you always impatient?
  14. Do you cry in sad movies?
  15. Would you marry a celebrity?
  16. Are you a drama queen or king?
  17. Do you dance or sing in the car?
  18. Ever stolen a street sign before?
  19. Do you sing or dance in the shower?
  20. Have you ever forgotten your birthday?
  21. Do you ask or answer stupid questions?
  22. How long can you stay without bathing?
  23. Would you give all your money to charity?
  24. Do you enjoy watching cartoons or animes?
  25. Have you ever laughed at the wrong moment?
  26. All places you have piercings on your body?
  27. Can you spend all your money on something stupid?
  28. Would you drop your phone after you just bought it?
  29. Do you always smile for the camera when taking pictures?
  30. What did you dress up for Halloween when you were a kid?

Full of fun!

Personal YouTube Tag Questions

The whole point of answering these questions about yourself is to help your followers know more about you. Here are personal YouTube tag questions you can answer:

  1. Are you lazy?
  2. Favorite movie?
  3. Are you dating?
  4. Are you married?
  5. Favorite scents?
  6. How old are you?
  7. Are you in debt?
  8. Do you have kids?
  9. Summer or winter?
  10. Do you use drugs?
  11. Where were you born?
  12. Ever fallen in love?
  13. What’s your religion?
  14. Do you have siblings?
  15. How much do you earn?
  16. When did you last cry?
  17. What’s your eye color?
  18. What are your hobbies?
  19. Computer or television?
  20. Do you like joking a lot?
  21. Are you named after anyone?
  22. Do you want to get married?
  23. What do people like you for?
  24. Do you have special talents?
  25. What is your favorite cereal?
  26. What are your plans for the future?
  27. How long can you stick in a relationship?
  28. What do you want to do when you grow up?
  29. What is the first thing you instantly notice about people?
  30. How many people have you slept with over the last month?

Too serious!

Deep YouTube Questions Tag

These questions are more challenging and will require you to think deeper. Here are some deep YouTube tag questions you can answer:

  1. Does love equal to sex?
  2. Do you think you are old fashioned?
  3. Love with heartbreaks or no love at all?
  4. Which one do you prefer? Trust or love? Why?
  5. Would you save the life of a homeless person? Why/why not?
  6. If you could wish anything or do anything; what would it be?
  7. Are you the type of friend you would like to have as a friend?
  8. Is money the real source of happiness? What’s makes you happy?
  9. Are you always nice to people and do you expect something in return?
  10. Would you prefer to be hurt by someone you love most or by someone you trust most?
  11. What is probably the hardest thing to lose in your case? Why is it hard to give up?
  12. Remember last time when you were furious. What made you that angry? Do you feel different?
  13. Imagine you are alone at home, lonely and bored. Who would you like/wish to be together with?
  14. Apart from romantic love, when did you last tell someone that you loved them? What did they mean to you?
  15. If there is one time or one moment in the last year or month, that you would change, what moment would it be? Why?
  16. If you are to give your money to charity, who will you donate it to? Homeless people organization or a children’s home?
  17. You are to save your family member or your lover from drowning in an ocean. Who do you leave to drown to their death and why?
  18. When did you last honestly reveal your feelings to someone else no matter how hard it was to tell? Who was it? What did you tell the person?
  19. What is the hardest/difficult thing you revealed to someone you are probably in love with? You love them, or you don’t love them as they do?
  20. What is harder for you, facing someone when telling him/her the way you feel, or facing someone when he/she is telling you the way they feel?
  21. Your best friend just confesses to having feelings for you and wants you to be more than usual friends. He/she loves you. What will you do or say?
  22. Picture the last dead person you know. You have a chance to bring them back to life for an hour, but you lose 1 year of your life. Will you do it and why?
  23. You are in an emergency situation, for example, a burning building. You have a chance to make a single phone call. Who will you call? What will you tell them?
  24. You receive news from your doctor that your condition is worsening and you only have one week to live. Will you reveal to anyone or everyone you are about to die? What will you do in your last days? Will you be afraid?
  25. When heading to work, you encounter a situation that you need to help out. For instance, a cat is stuck on top of a tree. Your boss has threatened to fire you if you get late to work again? Do you risk saving the cat’s life? Why/why not?
  26. Your boss wants to sack your coworker due to work shortage and he/she just got the job recently. You have been working there much longer. With a large family to support your coworker has no other source of income. Will you approach your boss and request to quit the job? Why/why not?

Quite challenging!

Who will you tag to do the next video? Probably, one of your friends or subscribers. Remember to answer honestly.

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