30 Fun Disney Tag Questions For Disney Lovers

Disney tag questions, as the name implies, is completely based on Disney.

You will answer questions like what is your favorite Disney movie, favorite Disney character and what Disney character you most relate to.

So, they are Disney Trivia Questions that you have to answer under five minutes or in whatever time you decide.

Since the Disney Tag is based on Disney, the questions you can ask endless. Also, you could make up new Disney-related questions to make the tag a little more personal.

List of Disney Tag Questions

Here are some fun Disney Tag Questions for Disney lovers.

  1. Favorite Animal
  2. Favorite Character
  3. Favorite Classic
  4. Favorite Hero
  5. Favorite Heroine
  6. Favorite Kiss
  7. Favorite Love Song
  8. Favorite Original Character
  9. Favorite Pixar Film
  10. Favorite Prince
  11. Favorite Princess
  12. Favorite Quote
  13. Favorite Sequel
  14. Favorite Sidekick
  15. Favorite Song
  16. Favorite Theme Attraction
  17. Favorite Theme Park
  18. Favorite Theme Park Show
  19. Favorite Villain
  20. Favorite Villain Song
  21. Least Favorite Pixar Film
  22. Least Favorite Song
  23. Movie That Makes You Cry
  24. Movie That Makes You Laugh
  25. Overrated Movie
  26. Saddest Death
  27. A song that always gets stuck in your head
  28. The First Movie You Saw
  29. The Saddest Scene From Your Favorite Movie
  30. Underrated Movie

I should point out once again, these are Disney-related questions. For example, the first movie you say is asking you to tell the audience the first Disney Movie You Saw.

Disney Tag Questions Video

Here is an example of the fun Disney Tag Questions Video. To make it more fun, they added a time limit.

Now, It’s your turn to tag fellow Disney lovers to take the Disney Tag.