400+ Fun and Exciting Girlfriend Tag Questions

Girlfriend Tag questions are a series of questions you ask your girlfriend to find out how well she knows you.

There are several reasons why you should play the girlfriend question tag.

One of such reasons is that it helps you gauge how well your girlfriend knows you.

Secondly, she might have had her fun with the boyfriend tag, where she grilled you endlessly. Now, you can ask her questions about yourself as well.

Thirdly, the girlfriend tag questions is a fun way to pass the time on boring days.

It goes without saying, the girlfriend question tag is a fun game and you should not punish your girlfriend for not getting the answers right.

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List of Girlfriend Tag Questions

girlfriend tag

The following are fun questions to ask your girlfriend when playing the girlfriend tag game:

  1. After a stressful day, am I having a cold drink or a warm beverage?
  2. Am I a Coffee person or tea person?
  3. Am I a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of guy?
  4. Am I a good kisser? Say Yes!
  5. Am I a jealous man?
  6. Am I a light sleeper?
  7. Am I a morning or an evening person?
  8. Am I a mountain or a beach boy?
  9. Am I a neat freak or do I tend to leave socks and other items lying around everywhere?
  10. Am I a spender or a saver?
  11. Am I able to keep my anger under control?
  12. Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
  13. Am I close with members of my extended family?
  14. Am I confrontational?
  15. Am I conscious about saving money?
  16. Am I open to the idea of marriage counseling?
  17. Am I still friends with my EX?
  18. Am I superstitious?
  19. Asides you, who is the first person I text when something exciting happens
  20. Can I whistle?
  21. Can you tell me about my most embarrassing moment?
  22. Describe me in a single word.
  23. Describe my dream house.
  24. Describe my ideal vacation.
  25. Describe my ideal weekend.
  26. Did I have a lot of friends as a child?
  27. Do any health problems run in my family?
  28. Do I believe in ghosts?
  29. Do I believe in God?
  30. Do I cut or bite my nails?
  31. Do I drink every day?
  32. Do I eat with my mouth open or closed?
  33. Do I feel my parents treated me and my siblings the same or was there favoritism?
  34. Do I have a freckle in a weird place?
  35. Do I have any scars?
  36. Do I have condiment/hot sauce preferences?
  37. Do I have severe allergies and what are they?
  38. Do I like celebrating my birthday?
  39. Do I like foreplay?
  40. Do I like kids, as in, enough to want my own one day?
  41. Do I like to cuddle while I sleep?
  42. Do I like to travel or would I rather stay home?
  43. Do I plan to adopt or purchase a pet in the near future?
  44. Do I prefer Apple or Windows?
  45. Do I prefer Boiled or Fried eggs?
  46. Do I prefer Booking a pre-made travel tour or building my own itinerary from scratch?
  47. Do I prefer Boxing or MMA?
  48. Do I prefer Burger King or McDonald’s?
  49. Do I prefer Burgers or Pizzas?
  50. Do I prefer Cake or Cookies?
  51. Do I prefer Cardio or Weights?
  52. Do I prefer Chatting or Phone Calls?
  53. Do I prefer Chicken or Beef?
  54. Do I prefer Chinese Communism or Russian Communism?
  55. Do I prefer Chocolate or Vanilla?
  56. Do I prefer coffee or tea?
  57. Do I prefer Coke or Pepsi?
  58. Do I prefer Comedy or Horror?
  59. Do I prefer Dinner dates or Movie dates?
  60. Do I prefer Football or Basketball?
  61. Do I prefer Fruits or Vegetables?
  62. Do I prefer Hamburgers or hotdogs?
  63. Do I prefer Harry Potter or Hunger Games?
  64. Do I prefer Home cooked meals or Takeout?
  65. Do I prefer Ice cream or milkshake?
  66. Do I prefer Instagram or SnapChat?
  67. Do I prefer iPhone or Samsung?
  68. Do I prefer Movies or TV shows?
  69. Do I prefer Red wine or white wine?
  70. Do I prefer Romance or Horror movies?
  71. Do I prefer Smoothie or Ice cream?
  72. Do I prefer Soda or Juice?
  73. Do I prefer Vanilla or chocolate?
  74. Do I shower in the morning or at night?
  75. Do I still have my wisdom teeth?
  76. Do I think it is ok for men and women who are in separate relationships to go have coffee or lunch together?
  77. Do I think it’s OK for people to vent to others about their significant others, or do I think that it’s completely disrespectful and complaints should be kept within the relationship?
  78. Do I think men and women can be platonic friends?
  79. Do I think of myself as extroverted or introverted?
  80. Do I think that prenatal tests for certain birth defects or disorders should be done? How would I react to bad news?
  81. Do I want a cat or a dog?
  82. Do I want a small wedding, a large one, a visit to the courthouse, an elopement, or do I have no opinion at all?
  83. Do I want kids? How many?
  84. Do I want to live together?
  85. Do other people think of me as extroverted or introverted?
  86. Do you have any bad habits I should know about?
  87. Do you see us getting married in the near future?
  88. Do you think we’ve met before in a previous life?
  89. Do you think your family likes me?
  90. Have I ever broken a bone?
  91. Have I ever broken the law?
  92. Have I ever cheated in any school exams?
  93. Have I ever fancied a teacher?
  94. Have I ever fancied any of my friend’s parents?
  95. Have I ever stolen anything?
  96. Have I ever voted?
  97. Have I put myself at risk for an STD by skipping protection?
  98. Have you ever pretend to sleep at to avoid an argument?
  99. How can you tell when I’m unhappy?
  100. How did I spend my summer vacations?
  101. How did my last relationship end?
  102. How did we meet?
  103. How do I cope with stress?
  104. How do I drink my coffee/tea?
  105. How do I feel about taking in family members during a hard time? Elderly parents?
  106. How do I handle disagreements?
  107. How do I spend my vacations?
  108. How do I take my coffee?
  109. How do I take my tea? Milk, sugar, milk first or second?
  110. How do I wind down at the end of a long day?
  111. How important do I think date nights are when I’m married and have children?
  112. How long can I hold my breath for?
  113. How long do I need in the morning to get ready?
  114. How long have we been together?
  115. How many people have I really slept with?
  116. How many sexual partners have I had?
  117. How much debt do I have right now?
  118. How much time do I expect us each to be able to hang out with our friends once we’ve had children?
  119. How much time do I spend on social media in a week?
  120. How often do I use social media?
  121. How old was I when I had my first kiss?
  122. How old was I when I lost my virginity?
  123. How will we handle paying the bills?
  124. How will we make sure we each get to spend time alone when we share the same place?
  125. How will we spend our holidays?
  126. How would I handle it if I lost my job?
  127. How would I handle it if I thought another guy was hitting on you?
  128. How would I handle it if we found out our child had a terrible illness or disease?
  129. How would you handle it if I lost my job, and we were living together and sharing expenses?
  130. I can only wear one thing for the rest of my life. What do I wear?
  131. I just found five dollars on the ground. What do I do?
  132. I just won $1 million, what is the first thing I will buy?
  133. I made you breakfast, what did I make?
  134. I’m going to Starbucks, what will I order?
  135. I’m making a sandwich, what’s on it?
  136. I’m ordering a pizza, what toppings does it have?
  137. If I could be anyone else for a day, who would I choose?
  138. If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I live?
  139. If I could spend the day with someone famous, alive or dead, who would it be?
  140. If I had a horse, what funny name would I give it?
  141. If I had to give up one, which one would I not celebrate? Halloween or Valentine’s Day?
  142. If I was a girl, would we be friends?
  143. If I was an animal, which one would I be?
  144. If I was collecting something, what would it be?
  145. If I won the lottery, what would I do with the money?
  146. If I’m having a bad day, how can someone cheer me up?
  147. If I’m lost, do I ask for directions?
  148. If we were in a group at a party and I told a horrible joke that no one else laughed at, what would you do?
  149. If we were to break up, who would move out?
  150. If you could change anything about me, what would it be?
  151. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
  152. If you get a call that I was arrested, what is my most likely offense?
  153. If you got really sick with a long-term illness, would I stick around and take care of you?
  154. If you have a disagreement with one of my family members or friends, will I stand up for you?
  155. If you have to work really late, will I have a problem with cooking or picking up some dinner for both of us?
  156. If your friends told you to dump me, would you?
  157. In an ideal world, how many times a week would I want to have sex?
  158. Is my family religious?
  159. Is there a certain nickname I absolutely hate to be called?
  160. Mention a car brand that describes our sex life?
  161. Mention a color that describes my personality? Why?
  162. My first ever kiss?
  163. My first heartbreak?
  164. No friends or toxic friends?
  165. Penguin or panda?
  166. Tell me about my favorite childhood pet.
  167. The one thing I can’t be caught doing?
  168. The Simpsons or Family Guy?
  169. What am I afraid of?
  170. What am I awful at?
  171. What am I currently reading?
  172. What am I good at?
  173. What amount of PDA am I comfortable with?
  174. What are my pet peeves?
  175. What are my plans for getting out of debt or staying out of it?
  176. What are my porn preferences?
  177. What are my retirement plans?
  178. What are my thoughts on how to discipline children?
  179. What are my thoughts on marriage?
  180. What are some of my favorite childhood memories?
  181. What are some of my ideas for how to keep a relationship strong over time?
  182. What are some prominent things that have happened in my past that you think has contributed greatly to who I am today?
  183. What are some things in my childhood I’d like to improve upon for my child/children?
  184. What are the things I cherish most in life?
  185. What celebrity would I love to meet the most?
  186. What childhood memory do I always bring up?
  187. What color are my eyes?
  188. What creeps me out the most?
  189. What did I study in college?
  190. What did you learn from me?
  191. What do I like on pizza?
  192. What do I regret about my family life?
  193. What do I think each person’s role is in a marriage?
  194. What do I think of long term commitments, marriage, etc.?
  195. What do I think of public displays of affection?
  196. What do we argue about the most?
  197. What drink do I always order?
  198. What drink gets me drunk the quickest?
  199. What drives my decision to enter a relationship? Emotions or logic?
  200. What drugs have I done?
  201. What film always makes me cry?
  202. What foods can I absolutely not stand?
  203. What gives me away when I’m hiding something?
  204. What house in Hogwarts would I be in?
  205. What is my astrological sign?
  206. What is my best attribute?
  207. What is my best feature?
  208. What is my dream job?
  209. What is my eye color?
  210. What is my favorite band/musician?
  211. What is my favorite board game?
  212. What is my favorite body part?
  213. What is my favorite book?
  214. What is my favorite breakfast item?
  215. What is my favorite city?
  216. What is my favorite clothing item?
  217. What is my favorite color?
  218. What is my favorite drink?
  219. What is my favorite food?
  220. What is my favorite genre of TV shows?
  221. What is my favorite item of clothing?
  222. What is my favorite meal?
  223. What is my favorite place and why?
  224. What is my favorite season?
  225. What is my favorite song right now?
  226. What is my favorite song?
  227. What is my favorite sport?
  228. What is my favorite type of junk food?
  229. What is my favorite video game?
  230. What is my go-to drink order?
  231. What is my go-to form of exercise?
  232. What is my ideal date night?
  233. What is my ideal date?
  234. What is my love language? Touch, Gifts, Words etc.
  235. What is my middle name?
  236. What is my mother’s maiden name?
  237. What is my nickname?
  238. What is my philosophy on money within a marriage? Is what’s yours mine and vice versa, or will I prefer separate accounts and a roommate situation with bill paying?
  239. What is my shoe size?
  240. What is my stance on divorce?
  241. What is my typical morning ritual?
  242. What is my weirdest habit?
  243. What is one place I desperately want to travel to?
  244. What is our song?
  245. What is something I do excellently?
  246. What is something you do that I hate?
  247. What is something you do which might cause me to question your loyalty?
  248. What is something you wish I didn’t do?
  249. What is the craziest thing I’ve done since we started dating?
  250. What is the first thing that I do in the morning?
  251. What is the one thing that gets me off every time?
  252. What is the one thing you could say to make me start arguing with you?
  253. What is your fondest childhood memory?
  254. What kind of dad do I want to be?
  255. What kind of drunk am I?
  256. What kind of movies do I like?
  257. What kind of student was I?
  258. What little things am I the most OCD about?
  259. What makes me insanely impatient?
  260. What movie made me cry the hardest?
  261. What size feet do I have?
  262. What song reminds me of you?
  263. What sport would you never want to watch?
  264. What superpower would I have?
  265. What things do I do that make you blush?
  266. What three things would I bring to a desert island?
  267. What turns me on the fastest?
  268. What type of chocolate do I prefer?
  269. What was my favorite subject in school and why?
  270. What was my First car?
  271. What was my first ever cell phone?
  272. What was my first job?
  273. What was my relationship like with my parents?
  274. What was our last argument about?
  275. What was the first concert I ever attended?
  276. What was the last text message I sent you?
  277. What was/is my least favorite subject in school?
  278. What were my parents’ relationships like?
  279. What would I do if I were suddenly unable to speak my language?
  280. What would I do in a zombie apocalypse?
  281. What would I eat every day if I could?
  282. What would I say if you told me you have a large amount of debt?
  283. What’s my all-time favorite song?
  284. What’s my best friend’s name?
  285. What’s my favorite catchphrase?
  286. What’s my favorite sex position?
  287. What’s the least favorite part of my current job?
  288. What’s the one thing I find unforgivable?
  289. What’s your favorite thing about going on holiday with me?
  290. What’s my biggest sexual fantasy?
  291. What’s my dream job?
  292. What’s my favorite book?
  293. What’s my favorite dessert?
  294. What’s my favorite magazine?
  295. What’s my favorite meal?
  296. What’s my favorite sex position?
  297. What’s my favorite song?
  298. What’s my favorite sport?
  299. What’s my favorite type of porn?
  300. What’s my least favorite body part?
  301. What’s my opinion on credit cards?
  302. What’s my phone’s passcode?
  303. What’s my take on getting the housework done if both partners work outside the home?
  304. What’s my Wi-Fi password at home?
  305. What’s one household chore I don’t know how to do?
  306. What’s one type of household chore I’m unwilling, or at least very resistant, to do?
  307. What’s the kindest thing I’ve ever done for someone?
  308. What’s the kindest thing someone’s done for me?
  309. What’s the last thing I dressed up as for Halloween?
  310. What’s the longest I’ve gone without showering?
  311. What’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten and liked?
  312. What’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten?
  313. What’s the worst breakup I’ve ever experienced? Why was it so bad?
  314. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
  315. When did I stop believing in Santa?
  316. When do you think I will be ready to move in together?
  317. When I break up with someone, how do I do it?
  318. When I’m sick, do I like to have someone taking care of me, or do I prefer to be left alone until I’m better?
  319. When is my birthday?
  320. When is my mother’s birthday?
  321. When was my first time on a plane?
  322. What city am I originally from?
  323. Where did I hide in my house for Hide and Seek?
  324. Where did we go on our first bus ride together?
  325. Where did we meet?
  326. Where did you meet my parents?
  327. Where do I want to live in the long term? City? Mountains? Country?
  328. Where does my family come from?
  329. Where else have I lived?
  330. Where is my family from?
  331. Where was I born?
  332. Where was our first date?
  333. Where was our first kiss?
  334. Where was our first trip together?
  335. Where would I love to travel to?
  336. Which celebrity do I find most attractive?
  337. Which friend have I known the longest?
  338. Which of my hobbies do you find the least interesting?
  339. Which sports do I like the most?
  340. Who is my best friend?
  341. Who is my closest friend currently?
  342. Who is my current celebrity crush?
  343. Who is my favorite author?
  344. Who is my favorite YouTuber?
  345. Who is the dominant one in our relationship?
  346. Who is the organized one in the relationship?
  347. Who said “I love you” first?
  348. Who usually wins our arguments?
  349. Who was my favorite Friends character?
  350. Who was my first Celebrity Crush?
  351. Who was my first crush?
  352. Who was my first Girlfriend?
  353. Who was my hero when I was growing up?
  354. Who was the first person I talked to today?
  355. Who was the first person that ever broke my heart?
  356. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  357. Who will be responsible for screening babysitters or a nanny?
  358. Will I support your decision if you want to go back to school one day?
  359. Would I be agreeable to staying home with the kids if your career was about to take off or if you made enough at your job to support that arrangement?
  360. Would I be willing to take on two jobs temporarily if that’s what it took to make ends meet?
  361. Would I ever consider having additional roommates to cut costs if we had a place with enough space?
  362. Would I ever want to live abroad?
  363. Would I go dress shopping or shoe shopping with you?
  364. Would I never drink alcohol again or never cuss again?
  365. Would I prefer to stay in or go out on Friday night?
  366. Would I rather be a genius or be wealthy?
  367. Would I rather be a happy fool or troubled genius?
  368. Would I rather be a hero or a villain?
  369. Would I rather be a millionaire or an average person?
  370. Would I rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
  371. Would I rather be able to fly or turn invisible?
  372. Would I rather be able to play 10 different instruments beautifully or speak 10 different languages fluently?
  373. Would I rather be enslaved or die?
  374. Would I rather be loved or feared?
  375. Would I rather be without the Internet for a month or without you for a month?
  376. Would I rather eat a broccoli or eat a carrot?
  377. Would I rather forgive or revenge?
  378. Would I rather go a month without my car or a month without the internet?
  379. Would I rather have a live-in massage therapist or a live-in chef?
  380. Would I rather have a million Instagram followers or 100,000 dollars?
  381. Would I rather have a pet pig or goat?
  382. Would I rather have a pregnant teenage daughter or a junkie teenage daughter?
  383. Would I rather have a successful career or a happy family life?
  384. Would I rather have dinner Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin?
  385. Would I rather have dinner fame or money?
  386. Would I rather have dinner with Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman?
  387. Would I rather have no food or no sleep?
  388. Would I rather have wealth or happiness?
  389. Would I rather live in a vegetative state or die?
  390. Would I rather live in an apartment or a mansion?
  391. Would I rather read the book or watch a movie?
  392. Would I rather visit London or Paris?
  393. Would I rather visit Rome or Paris?
  394. Would I rather visit Turkey or Greece?
  395. Would I rather walk a stranger’s dog or rock a stranger’s baby?
  396. Would I rather work at SpaceX or Google?
  397. Would I rather work for Apple or Google?
  398. Would I rather work for Google Brain or Google Deep Mind?
  399. Would I rather work on Tesla or SpaceX?
  400. Would I rather work with an asshole or a liar?
  401. Would I rather work with Twitter or Snap?
  402. Would you rather I was at the mercy of Cersei Lannister or Ramsay Bolton?

Girlfriend Tag Videos

For the best experience with this couple tag game, you need to get a video and record you and your girlfriend playing the girlfriend tag game.

If you run a YouTube channel and you need video ideas, bring your girlfriend on your channel and have her answer questions about you.

Here are some nice girlfriend tag videos:

Girlfriend Tag – Cristy and Megann

Watch popular YouTubers Cristy and Megan’s girlfriend question tag video:


Extreme Girlfriend Tag Video – Jc Caylen

An extreme Girlfriend tag video with a punishment for getting an answer wrong:

Girlfriend Tag – Laurdy

A cute example of the girlfriend question tag:

Now, that you have seen how it’s done, it is time for you and your girlfriend to take the Boyfriend and Girlfriend Question Tag.

Have fun and if you make a video, remember to tag other couples you know.