69 Fun and Exciting 123 Tag Questions

123 tag questions is a fun game to play with loved ones. It could be your significant other, your sibling, a friend or even a parent.

It involves both of you answering the same question at the count of three to see if you have the same response.

For example, a couple could be asked: Who’s better with finances? At the count of three, they both answer. If the husband and wife have the same answer, it means they are on the same page.

Also, the couples 123 Tag can involve simple questions like what is your girlfriend’s favorite color? All you need to do is to count to 3 and answer the question. Since the goal is to see how well you know each other, your answer should be similar.

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List of 123 Tag Questions

Now, this list contains interesting 123 tag questions you can answer with your loved ones. You read out the question, and you both answer it on the count of three. You can take turns asking the questions.

  1. Earliest to bed?
  2. Earliest to wake up first?
  3. How long have you been together?
  4. If possible, what would your partner eat every day?
  5. If your partner could be married to a movie star, who would it be?
  6. If your partner could listen to one song for the rest of their lives what would the song be?
  7. If your partner could choose one thing for you to get rid of, what would it be?
  8. If your partner was ever in Jail, what would be the reason?
  9. What city was your partner born?
  10. What does the most housework?
  11. What is your partner most likely to waste money on?
  12. What is your partner’s eyes color?
  13. What is your partner’s favorite cuss word?
  14. What is your partner’s favorite movie?
  15. What is your partner’s favorite thing about you?
  16. What is your partner’s least favorite thing about you?
  17. What is your partner’s most likely to get famous for?
  18. What is your partner’s most repeated sentence or phrase?
  19. What is your partner’s shoe size?
  20. What item of yours would your partner throw out at the first opportunity?
  21. What was your first road trip together?
  22. What’s your partner’s favorite song?
  23. What’s your partner’s favorite sports team?
  24. Where did you meet each other?
  25. Where did you share your first kiss?
  26. Where was your first date together?
  27. Who buys the best gifts?
  28. Who calls their parents the most?
  29. Who chooses where you eat for dinner?
  30. Who chose the current car?
  31. Who cleans the house more frequently?
  32. Who does the grocery shopping most of the time?
  33. Who does the laundry?
  34. Who has the craziest family?
  35. Who is better at keeping secrets?
  36. Who is better at sports?
  37. Who is dresses better?
  38. Who is more likely to be running late?
  39. Who is more likely to get a traffic ticket?
  40. Who is more likely to kill a spider?
  41. Who is more romantic?
  42. Who is pickier about where you live?
  43. Who is the better cook?
  44. Who is the better dancer?
  45. Who is the better kisser?
  46. Who is the loudest?
  47. Who is the messiest?
  48. Who is the most organized?
  49. Who loses things the most?
  50. Who loves the other more?
  51. Who made the first move?
  52. Who makes the bed?
  53. Who mows the lawn?
  54. Who picks your vacation spot?
  55. Who planned the honeymoon?
  56. Who remembers family and friends’ birthdays?
  57. Who said “I love you” first?
  58. Who spends more money?
  59. Who spends more time on social media?
  60. Who watches the most TV?
  61. Who works out more?
  62. Who would drive on a road trip?
  63. Who has more clothes?
  64. Who has more shoes?
  65. Who’s your partner’s celebrity crush?
  66. Whose idea was it to play this game?
  67. Worst habit of your partner?
  68. Would your partner prefer dinner or a movie?
  69. If your home was on fire and everyone important was out what item would your partner go back in to save?

123 Tag Questions Videos

If you are still struggling to understand how this game works, here are fun 123 question tag videos to show you exactly how to do the 123 tag.

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Now you understand what the 123 tag is all about.

Mostly, it is played as a couples game, but that is just because couples like to hijack everything.

Feel free to do the 123 tag with your best friend, sibling or any loved one.