33 Romantic Husband and Wife Tag Questions

Just like the boyfriend/girlfriend tag, the husband and wife tag questions sheds more light on how well you and your spouse remember about each other.

It is one of the most popular tags, and it involves one person grilling your spouse with questions about the relationship (If it is a husband tag, the husband is asked the questions, if it is a wife tag, then the wife is asked the questions).

It is an excellent way to find out how much your spouse remembers about your time together and even how they feel about your habits in general, while it doubles as a fun game couples can enjoy together.

Of course, you would expect that the longer you have been married, the more you will know about each other. However, that isn’t always true.

Once you begin this fun couples question tag, you will start to realise you don’t know everything about your special one and that is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means you have a lot to learn about each other.

I have compiled a list of cute, funny and romantic questions you can ask each other when playing the husband and wife question tag.

Table of Contents

List of Husband/Wife Tag Questions

I assume you and your spouse will take turns asking each other these husband and wife tag questions, so I have worded the tag questions accordingly.

  1. When did we meet?
  2. What was your first opinion of me?
  3. When did you know I was the one?
  4. How long did it take to plan the wedding?
  5. When did we get married?
  6. How long have we been married?
  7. How did you propose?
  8. How many children did I want before marriage?
  9. What does my family think of you?
  10. What does my friend think of you?
  11. What is my worst habit?
  12. What is my best habit?
  13. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  14. If you could get rid of one thing that belongs to me what would it be?
  15. Who is the better cook?
  16. What do we argue most about?
  17. Have you ever pretend to sleep at to avoid an argument?
  18. What was our last argument about?
  19. What was the last text message I sent you?
  20. Who is more affectionate?
  21. What is something the I enjoy doing with you?
  22. Who is the more romantic one?
  23. Who is the funny one?
  24. Who is more outgoing?
  25. Would I prefer to stay in or go out on Friday night?
  26. Have you ever lied to avoid getting in trouble with me?
  27. Have I ever gotten something for you, you didn’t like?
  28. What is the best gift I have ever gotten for you?
  29. What is something I cannot live without?
  30. Use one word to describe Me?
  31. What is my best physical trait?
  32. What is my best personality trait?
  33. Who is more likely to get into a fight?

Husband and Wife Tag Questions Video

Here are cute videos of the husband and wife tag, which is also known as the couples tag. Have fun watching!

Husband & Wife Tag – Lightbycoco

You can literarily see how their face light up when they are taking the couples tag. You should also record a couples tag video.


20 Facts About Us – Husband & Wife Tag

The fun thing about the husband and wife tag is that it can be played in several ways. You can take the most likely to tag, the about me tag, the this or that tag and even the 123 tag for your husband/wife tag questions.

Husband and Wife Tag – Amena

As you can see, the couples tag is the cutest tag of all. If you and your spouse are ever feeling bored or stuck in a hotel room without ideas of what to do, grab a camera and take the husband/wife tag.

Also, don’t get all dramatic because your spouse couldn’t answer your question correctly. It’s just a game and an opportunity to learn more about each other.