20 Intriguing Roommate Tag Questions

Roommate tag questions are all about the audience getting to know about you and your roommate.  

The roommate game isn’t a competitive challenge; you and your roommates just need to answer a series of interesting questions.

Some of the questions asked may include: what is the most annoying thing about your roommate? How long have you been roommates? And what is your favorite thing about your roommate?

It is always captivating to learn the answers to these questions and it could even be a way for you to even learn something new about your roommate.

Table of Contents

List of Roommate Tag Questions

  1. Were you guys friends before you were roommates?
  2. What was your first impression of each other?
  3. Who does the most amount of house chores?
  4. Is there any habit that you know annoys your roommate?
  5. Who is the noisy roommate?
  6. Who is the messy roommate?
  7. If there was anything you could throw out of the house that belongs to the other person what would it be?
  8. Have you ever walked in on the other person at the wrong time?
  9. Do you both sit around naked?
  10. Which one of you gets easily frightened?
  11. Who does most of the cooking?
  12. Who takes the longest to get ready?
  13. Have you had a shower/bath together?
  14. Who is the bigger foodie?
  15. Have you ever had to cover up a lie for your roommate?
  16. Have you ever pulled a prank on your roommate? If so what?
  17. Have you ever had to lie to your roommate about their outfit and said it looked good even though it didn’t?
  18. Have you ever worn your roommate’s underwear?
  19. Have you ever stolen something from your roommate?
  20. What is the dumbest thing you have done together?

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Now, it is your turn to record a roommate tag video with your roommates and post it online for us to enjoy.

Have fun!

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