100 Ridiculous TMI Tag Questions No One Ever Asks

The TMI tag (Too Much Information tag) is exactly as the name implies – there is no question too awkward and no answer too personal.

In the TMI tag, usually a person sits down to share some of the most personal parts of their life with the audience.

Usually, TMI tag questions are the most exciting questions to watch a person answer and if you are not shy, they are equally exciting to answer.

Questions could get as serious as When did you lose your virginity? and as simple as what are your future goals?

So be prepared!

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List of TMI Tag Questions

TMI tag questions usually produce answers with too much information, so I have compiled a list of interesting TMI Tag questions, including the questions no one ever asks.

You don’t have to answer all of them. You should just answer the questions you are comfortable with and record a video of yourself answering the TMI Tag.

You can also tag your friends at the end of your video and maybe even that person you have been stalking.

  1. What is your biggest turn off in a person?
  2. What is your biggest turn on in a person?
  3. Are you like your zodiac sign suggests that you should be?
  4. At what age did you realize Santa was not real?
  5. At what age did you have your first sexual experience?
  6. At what age did you have your first kiss?
  7. At what age did you have your first crush? Who was it?
  8. What is the best compliment you have ever received?
  9. What is the best sex you’ve ever had?
  10. What is the biggest lie you ever told?
  11. Do you hate anyone right now?
  12. Do you have any hiding piercing’s? If yes, where?
  13. Do you have any tattoos? If yes what do they mean?
  14. Do you miss anyone right now?
  15. Do you smoke?
  16. To your knowledge, have you ever been cheated on?
  17. Have you ever been in a physical fight?
  18. Have you ever been in a relationship?
  19. Have you ever been in love?
  20. Have you ever been loved by someone you didn’t love back?
  21. Have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back?
  22. Have you ever been betrayed by someone you care about?
  23. Have you ever catfished anyone?
  24. Have you ever cried over a lover?
  25. Have you ever danced without leaving room for Jesus?
  26. Have you ever dated someone you met online?
  27. Have you ever given or received a hickey?
  28. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
  29. Have you ever kissed a non-family member on the lips?
  30. Have you ever kissed for more than two hours consecutively?
  31. Have you ever kissed or been kissed on the breast?
  32. Have you ever kissed someone below the belt?
  33. Have you ever lead a person on?
  34. Have you ever lied to get out of trouble?
  35. Have you ever liked a person your friend was dating?
  36. Have you ever masturbated to a picture or video?
  37. Have you ever played a game involving stripping?
  38. Have you ever used somebody for your personal gain?
  39. Have your ever been heart-broken?
  40. How far have you gone to get something you desired?
  41. How many relationships have you had?
  42. What do you weight?
  43. How tall are you?
  44. If applicable, when did you lose your virginity?
  45. If you could bring back a person from the dead who would you bring back?
  46. If you could choose one Disney prince to marry who would you choose?
  47. If you could choose one Disney princess to be your best friend who would you chose?
  48. If you could get married to any celebrity who would it be?
  49. If you could, what would you change about your first kiss?
  50. If you had to live in the world of the last T.V show you watched where would you be living?
  51. When was the last time you insulted someone?
  52. When was the last time you were insulted?
  53. Mention a movie that always makes you cry?
  54. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how horny are you?
  55. What is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?
  56. What color of underwear are you wearing right now?
  57. What do you think about the most?
  58. What do you think is your sexiest feature?
  59. What is a disgusting habit you have?
  60. What is a relationship deal breaker for you?
  61. What is a weird thing you love?
  62. What is the sexiest feature you love in the opposite gender?
  63. Mention something that is currently bothering you?
  64. Mention something that makes you happy?
  65. Mention something that makes you sad?
  66. Mention something you do when no one is watching?
  67. What is something you like to do when you are sad?
  68. What is the best gift you ever received
  69. What is the best gift you have ever given?
  70. What is the biggest fear you have overcome?
  71. What is the longest you have ever gone without a shower?
  72. What is the major physical trait you look for in a partner?
  73. What is the worst gift you have ever given?
  74. What is the worst gift you have ever received?
  75. What is your biggest fear?
  76. What is your favorite holiday destination?
  77. What is your relationship with your parents like?
  78. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?
  79. What is your worst sexual experience?
  80. What is your zodiac sign?
  81. What was the last text you sent?
  82. What was the last thing that made you cry?
  83. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
  84. When is your birthday?
  85. When was the last time you cried?
  86. Which celebrity would be your hall pass?
  87. Who is your celebrity crush?
  88. Who is your favorite fictional couple?
  89. Who was the first person you ever fell in love with?
  90. Who was the last person you texted?
  91. Would you ever change anything about yourself and if so what would it be?
  92. Have you ever been caught masturbating?
  93. Have you ever sent a sexually explicit text?
  94. Have you ever sent or received sexually explicit photographs?
  95. Have you ever engaged in sexually explicit activity over video chat?
  96. Have you ever cheated on a significant other during a relationship?
  97. Have you ever been walked in on during sex?
  98. Have you ever used marijuana?
  99. Have you ever been arrested?
  100. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

TMI Tag Questions Videos

Here are fun videos of the too much information question tag:

The TMI Tag – Katherine & Rachael


TMI Tag Video – Bethany Mota

TMI Tag! – Meredith Foster

Now, it is your turn to record your TMI tag video. Remember, if it isn’t fun, don’t do it!

TMI Tag Questions